Why Misses C?

Camelia rosa

Misses C had been my nickname for the last (almost) twenty years when I met my husband.  I was working in the laboratory of a chemical plant at that time.  As such, most of my co-workers where men.  And they teased.  A lot.  They had a hard time pronouncing my name: Camelia.  So, they started calling me Misses C.  It stuck.

Now, I am a wife, Mother, home schooling and private

teacher.  I spend my days in the

blissful chaos of our home where God and people (little and big) decide my


I love books and good stories, quiet breakfasts with loved

ones, the smell of tilled earth in the springtime, knitting, cats and dogs

curled-up on my lap, Joey’s chestnut curls turning golden in the morning sun,

good movies and popcorn…

But above all, I love and thank God for every day is a gift.


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