Standard versus competitive and very competitive colleges


Freshman year of  high school.  When did this happen?

It was only yesterday, or maybe the day before, when we brought her home from the hospital.

Now, I find myself looking straight into the eyes of a young lady while still remembering her very first steps.  Well, to be honest, I have to tilt my head back to look at my little girl these days.

Nevertheless, here we are: at the brink of a new beginning.  The next four years will set the stage for the choices that will change her future forever.

The requirements for a college prep curriculum differ wildly from a standard to a competitive and very competitive college.  I include the following table, provided by Homeschoolsuccess, as an example of the wide gap between the different college tiers.

Homeschool High-school Requirements

For example, the requirement for Foreign Language, ancient or modern, changes from optional (for the standard college prep curriculum) to two years of the same foreign language (for the competitive college prep curriculum) to four years of the same foreign language (for the very competitive college prep curriculum).

I found this sample transcript for an imaginary homeschooled high school student very inspiring.


However, as a parent, there are many questions I still need to answer:

  • Who decides the designations for the difference courses (honors, AP…)
  • What is the best time/year to take PSAT and SAT?
  • Do we need to keep a reading log?
  • How about those science labs?
  • What do they mean by “self-designed and uniques courses” when it comes to Electives?

Meanwhile, this is the list for this semester: British Literature, Algebra, American and French Revolutions, Earth Science, Latin, Church History, Applied Strings 285 and P.E (Equestrian).


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