Letter To Parents – Homeschool Success

I found Barbara’s words inspiring and empowering.  There is a very good reason for my feelings: I used to be the one helping families cope with homeschooling their children through high-school while tutoring mathematics, science, Latin and calligraphy.  It was easy because there was somebody else in charge: the parents.


Now, I am the homeschooling parent.  I am on this merry-go-around of emotions.  One day, I am elated at the chance of teaching my daughter and learning along with her.  Two days later, I panic over the smallest detail ( I ordered the math books too late….).  I hope that you too can enjoy and benefit from her expertise while:

Homeschool expert Barbara Hettle shares a few thoughts with parents about homeschooling high school and planning for college admissions.

Source: Letter To Parents – Homeschool Success


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