“Follow the yellow brick road!”

That would be so lovely: have an answer ready for each and every one of my problems.  Not this time, Toto!

It’s life.  Real.  Messy and oh, so much fun to figure out.

Looking at the road ahead, there are three main paths streaming from a High School graduation: work force, trading school and/or college.

As the parent of a homeschooled freshman, I have the luxury of planning ahead and fine tuning the next four years to match her strengths and weaknesses to her goals. I don’t mean life long goals.  Because I am aiming for a general direction and not the bull’s-eye.

I have a bookworm.  She loves to read so much that her books are divided into three categories: acquaintances, friends and old friends.  In any given day, I will find her lost, happily so, in one of her many “old friends” books.  The floors are fiercely scrubbed while battling orcs.

Still, there is a practical side to her: practicing her viola to fulfill the demands of a college course.

Maybe that is the answer I am seeking.  She is already taking courses at a community college.  There are so many possibilities.  Each choice brings another set of requirements for the high school graduation and the college application process.

Another fork in the road!


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