And…we are off to the races… school starts… again!

So soon? Is it just my imagination or this summer flew by?  And this time, we are going all hog on the high school band wagon. Oh, well. I guess, I am a little overwhelmed by the dedication required to love, support and teach a high school student.

My little girl is growing up! And this is our goal for the next several years:


High School Graduation. It looks so small.  Insignificant.  Still, we start our journey by looking at the high school graduation requirements for our state (Illinois High School Graduation Requirements).

Pretty straight forward: English, math, science… However, these are just that: minimum requirements. It will provide a diploma but not a path in life.

This is the time to set the tracks for years to come.  Laying down a wide foundation will provide the base for life-long learning and a chance to adapt to the hurdles ahead.  Minimum requirements will not do it! So, we will aim higher and higher until she will find her vocation: the place where passions and needs intersect.

She will not work a day in her life because she will do what she loves!

Let the adventure begin!


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