The Queen doesn’t like Thumper

It’s been all over the media, printed and otherwise.  The Queen doesn’t like long hair, short hems, stay-at-home Moms, friendly demeanor…

“Off with their heads!”  Sorry, I lost my head, that was the Queen of Hearts.  I am talking about The Queen of England and Her popular Kate.  I can’t even imagine my life with my Mother-in-law as my boss! We had very little in common besides our shared love of her son.  Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see the oh, so human side of The Queen: Her Majesty is…not pleased!

I, on the other hand, still suffer from the dreadful disease called “foot-in-mouth disease”.  My Grandpa used to say:

“Keep your mouth shut, and you are the Master of your words.  The moment you open your mouth, your words become your Master!” Or in the words of Disney’s Thumper:

What did your Father tell you?

No help for me, as you can see, I still say exactly what I think!


2 thoughts on “The Queen doesn’t like Thumper

  1. Good for you Camelia. Don’t keep it inside to much because one day that master is going to explode and will be so bad that not even a trip at Disney world will repair what you done.

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