Her style without commercial designers

What do you do, as a Mother, when your thirteen year old is 5’9″?  There is nothing for her to wear in the regular department stores!

Every single garment is too short, tight, loose or generally inappropriate for a young girl. She is still a young girl at heart.  A young girl who wishes for flowing skirts and pastel colors.  So, she is dreaming of this kind of garment:


More and more, it becomes apparent that I have to rescue a long forgotten skill in sewing.  Oh, Lord help me!  I thought that I would never need it again.

Where do I even start?  I would dearly love any ideas to start me on my new journey.

I hope to hear from all of you, soon.


6 thoughts on “Her style without commercial designers

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I need all the help I can get to start this new project.
      I am thinking to start her on a simple skirt before the real project of a dress is even possible.
      Any thoughts?

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