More than happiness: become like children

From the moment I found out that I was expecting, I wonder about “becoming like children”.

O Holy Virgin, keep my heart as that of a child: pure, fresh and wide and glad, transparent as a spring. Give me a simple heart which will not retire within itself to savor its own sorrows; a heart magnanimous in giving itself, easily moved to compassion; a faithful, generous heart which does not forget any favor received, nor hold resentment for any injuries done to it. Make my heart meek and humble, quick to forgive, and capable of bearing tranquilly all opposition; a heart which will love without expecting love in return, content to vanish in the hearts of others, sacrificing itself before the Presence of Thy Divine Son; a great and indomitable heart, that no ingratitude can close and no indifference weary; a heart tormented by the glory of Jesus Christ, wounded by His Love, with a wound that cannot be healed except in Heaven.

Then, I looked into the eyes of my little one and saw there exactly what I find in the eyes of every saint: pure love and joy.

After ten years of painting icons, I fell in love with St. Kateri Tekakwitha.  Here is her icon:


I read her story and wondered about her love and dedication.

St. Kateri pray for us!


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