Lemon Balm for menopause?!!

You read right!
I am using lemon balm (melissa) to deal with all the lovely “gifts” of menopause. I am referring to night-sweats/hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood swings and general lack of energy.


This is the first of many herbs I am planting this summer.  Lemon balm is a very easy herb to grow.  Too easy, according to many of my gardening friends.  It’s been used for many a year.  As a matter of fact it’s described in the Odyssey:

…A vine did all the hollow cave embrace,
Still green, yet still ripe bunches gave it grace.
Four fountains, one against another, pour’d
Their silver streams; and meadows all enflower’d
With sweet balm-gentle, and blue violets hid,
 That deck’d the soft breasts of each fragrant mead.
– The Odyssey, Book V (Herb Society of America)


It’s true! Lemon balm is a lovely plant, from the mint family, with a lemony taste.  I use it fresh, dried or in extract form for teas and cooking.
However, I depend on the professional guidance of Dr. James Duke, a botanist, to find answers to any of my questions about herbs.
The Green Pharmacy is my go to book for natural remedies!
Long ago, I wanted a surgery and/or HRT(hormone replacement therapy).  My doctor had a lot of misgivings about them and urged me to find a natural alternative.
Lemon Balm was my answer.  What is your answer to menopause?

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