Financial advise from my Grandpa: we are too poor to afford cheap stuff!

He’s been dead for over twenty years.  And I still find myself talking about him as if he is one breath away.  He lives in my memory through the stories and lessons of his life.  One of Grandpa’s favorite saying was:

“We are too poor to afford cheap stuff!”

It makes no sense at a fist glance.   I will never forgot my husband’s surprise when I shared it with him.  He took a moment to chew on it.  Then, he exclaimed:

“He is right! We buy top of the line products and we don’t need to replace them.”

It goes beyond major purchases like cars and furniture.  A family’s most expensive item on the shopping list is food.  Especially in our case, we are on a life-long gluten-free diet. Doctors orders!

That takes me to another one of Grandpa’s favorite sayings:

“You have two hands and two feet.  Use them!”  So, we are buying the best money can buy while doing most of the work ourselves.  My Grandpa would not even consider buying this:

Aldi shopping (9)

instead of that:

Aldi shopping (8)

He would have approved of my Costco membership.  It allows me to buy top products at reasonable prices.  Plus, I haven’t paid membership fees beyond my first year.  The rebates more than cover our annual membership.

I am not alone in singing the praises of my favorite Costco: 50,000 other consumers think the way I do according to the Reputation Institute (see the next link at Meet America’s 5 Most Reputable Retailers – DailyFinance).

After all, I am my Grandpa’s Girl!


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