Father’s Day or Mamma-Dadda Day

We just celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday.  The first time, since we became parents, Father’s Day was a low-key affair.  Our oldest is growing fast and discovering independence.

It's finally warm and green!

Due to storms and a whole week of bad weather, her arrival was delayed by one week.  It gave us a chance to experience empty nest syndrome on a small-scale.


On a bright side, it gave us a chance to spend more time together: slow evenings with a glass of good wine and adult conversation.  Wow!… still missing our little one.  So, we did the obvious next best thing:reminisce.

She used to call us Mamma-Dadda.  There was Mamma-Dadda room, Mamma-Dadda bed, Mamma-Dadda date… It made perfect sense to all of us.

SO, we decided that instead of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we will be celebrating Mamma-Dadda Day, twice.

After all, raising children is a hard job that requires all hands on deck.


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