Summertime on a budget: Go Costco!

It’s summertime and we can’t wait to leave the house and explore for a whole day.

With traveling comes the high cost of gasoline and the homework involved in finding gluten-free menus  off the beaten path.  It goes without saying that a gluten-free diet is much more expensive!

Since I am frugal, that involves packing our lunches and snacks.

Most of our picnics include a sandwich plus a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  That used to be a very expensive menu until Costco started carrying gluten-free products at warehouse prices.

For example, the loaf on the left is sold at Costco for $0.25/ounce while the loaf on the right is sold at other food stores for about $0.53/ounce.

Gluten-free bread breaks easily.  To make my sandwiches last, I layer a variety of meats and cheeses on slices of bread.  Every sandwich is individually wrapped in paper and plastic wrap.  Then, I pack the lettuce, tomatoes and vinegar/oil dressings in separate containers.  Finally, the food is packed between layers of freezer packs.  On top of the last layer of freezer packs, I mold a small nest for the single-serving bags with baby carrots.

Add to that a case of bottled water, dried fruits and nuts plus some popcorn for the inevitable snack attack!

NOTE: Do not use mayonnaise for your outdoor meals and bring along your EPI pen if you have one!


I don’t know about you, I will stick with Costco for quality AND price.


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