Have a Happy Father’s Day, everyday!

This is the beginning of a new adventure: she is a teen who acts like her Mamma while being the spitting image of her Papa.  What a combination?

It seems like we have been parents for a long, long time.  So long, that I have a hard time remembering the time before Joey. And I hate the idea of an empty nest!

Do you remember the first time you held her?  She fit perfectly on your left arm, between your palm and elbow.  Now, her head is above your shoulders.  And… she is still growing!

Thank you for your:

Resilience during the first years of sleepless nights

Encouragement and support of all of my interests

Awe inspiring dedication during the many medical and financial trials; above all, thank you for your

Love of God and family!

You did it, my love! You made our dream REAL.  The dream of having a family.

Here is your favorite dessert: Raisin Bread Pudding with Greek Yogurt and Honey.

Let’s raise a toast to our next adventure:college.




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