Are you a secret homeschooler?!!!!

So secret that even you don’t know about it.

My Mom homeschooled us through twelve years of public school.  And she never, ever heard the word homeschooling or SOCIALIZATION. What if you have been homeschooling your children?

Take the test and find out:

  1. Do you set aside time to cuddle with your children and a good book?
  2. Do you find yourself stepping over newly erected towns and/or mid-stream projects, or their ruins, when checking on your children?
  3. Are extra-curriculum activities, like violin, skating, and soccer, dictating the flow of your schedule and/or budget?
  4. Do you know, really know, your children’s friends and their parents?
  5. Do you set aside time to get to know and support the teachers/tutors of your children (volunteers)?
  6. Have you ever been surprised by how much you know about butterflies/cars/medieval knights (your son’s/daughter’s latest interest)?
  7. Do you spend some of your weekends knee-deep in fractions (or whatever subject is baffling your child at the time)?
  8. Have you spent the better part of a night listening to your teenager pouring his/her heart out?
  9. Did you try to provide support for your child’s needs, in the form of therapist/tutors/doctors, before any problems become apparent to friends/neighbors?
  10. Do you share your interests and thoughts with your children (according to their ages) and value their input?

If you answered “yes” to seven or more questions:

Congratulations, you are homeschooling.  Don’t be afraid!

Homeschooling has nothing to do with school or home.  It has everything to do with your vision for your child’s future and the methods you choose to accomplish those goals.  As a parent you have the right and duty to choose both, the vision and the methods.

My Grandma used to say that:

“God provides every baby with a loaf of bread and  a knife. It takes a parent to teach them how to use them safely!”

Go with the flow and don’t forget to stop and smell… the tulips!



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