Gluten Found In All Fountain Drinks

Times are changing.  Six years ago, when we started this crazy gluten, casein-free diet, I used to call every manufacturer and ask them about allergens in their products.  The usual response was:
“Let me get my manager”

English: Costco in Moncton, New Brunswick
English: Costco in Moncton, New Brunswick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week, while shopping at Costco, I saw a big bag of Ore Ida potatoes stamped with the gluten-free logo.  Their website mentions over thirty products that are gluten-free.  Still at Costco, there was a GF pancake mix, GF flour mix, GF ham, GF sausage and breakfast sausages (which my daughter loves) and a whole selection of GF lunch meats.

Wait! That is not all.  One of my friends calls me from Aldi: …”they have gluten-free food and organic produce at incredible prices!”

Then, I get home and my daughter breaks out all over her face and body.  Just to remember that she had a lemonade.  Sure enough!  It was from a fountain.  The lining of the bags from the fountain are derived from WHEAT (according to information from our nutritionist at University of Chicago).

I can hardly believe it myself.  But it’s true.  There is also gluten in candies, soy sauce, beer, lunch meats, hot dogs, peanut butter, pickles…Not my favorite: pickles!

So little time…so much to test!


2 thoughts on “Gluten Found In All Fountain Drinks

  1. I guess it’s not the fist time when she was drinking from there. And trust me I know how you fell. My daughter she is sever allergic to tree nuts( all of them), sesame seeds and coconut. And even if we read the label carefully we still have doubts.

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