The Place For A Woman Is Home?

My husband and I were at a small party and enjoying much-needed time together.  We were having a really good time: good friends, good food and lively conversation.  And then I got bitten.  Not by an insect or a dog but by the unexpected remark of one of my friends:

“You are an intelligent, educated and experienced teacher…why did you choose to waste your time at home?”  I was speechless.  That’s quite an accomplishment!  I rarely run out of ideas…or words.  Not this time.

On the way home, I asked my husband’s opinion:

The Mona Lisa.
The Mona Lisa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Did I choose the easy way out by staying home?”  His answer was a simple “you already know my answer so…why don’t you talk to a friend of mine”.  He handed me a book and left me to my worries.  This is what G.K. Chesterton says (Brave new family, Ignatius Press, 1990, pg. 153-154):

“People of the progressive sort are perpetually telling us that the hope of the world is in education.  Education is everything.  Nothing is so important as training the rising generation.  Nothing is really important except the rising generation.  They tell us this over and over again, with slight variations of the same formula, and never seem to see what it involves.  For if there be any word of truth in all this talk about the education of the child, then there is certainly nothing but nonsense in nine-tenths of the talk of the emancipation of the woman.  If education is the highest function of the State, why should anybody want to be emancipated from the highest function of the State?  It is as if we talked about commuting the sentence that condemned a man to be President of the United States; or a reprieve coming in time to save him from being Pope.  If education is the largest thing in the world, what is the sense of talking about a woman being liberated from the largest thing in the world?  It is as if we were to rescue her from the cruel doom of being a poet like Shakespeare; or to pity the limitations of an all-around artist like Leonardo da Vinci.”

Well…I don’t have to worry about competing with the likes of Shakespeare or da Vinci, but I will gladly be the Mother in charge of one soul than teaching one subject or many subjects to a large group of students.

I am happy to be Joey’s Mom!


6 thoughts on “The Place For A Woman Is Home?

  1. Sometimes it’s a waste of time to be at work. I know that we learn more at home that we are at work. At work you learn just in a specific field. For me emancipation is what you want to do not what somebody else is teling you. So many people are working from home that not means they are wasting theier time. I envy you because you enjoy the life more then a guy who is spending 12 hours at work just to have name.

  2. Great post and interesting article. I myself struggle wondering if I chose to homeschool this year instead of getting a job because I secretly don’t want to “be in the real world”. Not most days, but sometimes.
    I liked your exercise, learning, cleaning schedule on other posts. Its what we try to do.

    1. I will be more than happy to offer you whatever support you might need. The only thing that you need to remember is your qualifications: M.O.M.(LOL) or in my case M.O.O. ( Mother of one).

    1. I can’t say that I hate working since I held many different position over the years. However, I love to follow my heart and be the heart of the home while everybody else goes about their days.
      It makes our house into a home and brings sanity to my days!

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