Moving-in With Grandpa And The Deer, part III

Everybody was excited about our first sleep-over at Grandpa.  Including other family members and friends (we have been talking about it since February).  Everybody but Rocky, our 4-year-old collie retriever mix or Borador.Mickey Roonie Rourke, the Borador (Border Collie / Labrador Retriever mix) at 1 ½ years old

“Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’ll go eat worms…” summarizes his attitude.  He loves his bed, home and a very predictable schedule.  He is used to visiting Grandpa for several hours.  Not overnight.

Rocky decided to show his displeasure at  the change in our sleeping habits by hiding under the dining room table.  Until he saw the deer.

At first, I thought that she was a statue.  Then, I saw a shape spring from somewhere on my right side and leap several feet in the air landing against the glass of the patio door.  It took several minutes to settle him down.  In the end, he parked himself by the patio door determined to catch that deer.

He patrolled that area all night long and part of the morning.  He is definitely a hunting dog.  Who becomes a pet the moment he sees his favorite food dishes and toys being packed to go home.

Rocky followed me to the van all the while twirling and leaping.  We were ready to go back home when Grandpa said:

” When am I going to see you guys? I’ll miss you…bye…”


3 thoughts on “Moving-in With Grandpa And The Deer, part III

    1. He is a good dog. I am never quite sure about his intentions when it comes to other animals. He brought me a mole and a field mouse while roaming on a 16 ft. leash. He might want me to cook them.

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