Moving-in With Grandpa And The Sleep-Over, part II

Calling all ships! Operation “Moving-in with Grandpa” is underway.  Sort of…kind of… We are having a sleep-over or vacation according to the little people in our house.

The goal: move-in by the end of the year.

Each step is meant to help Grandpa and our family get to know each other a little better and allow for a smoother transition to a multi-generational household.

This weekend, we are planning to empty, clean and set-up two bedrooms.  We packed the bedding, clothes, food, school books, violin and the dog.  There is plenty of furniture for several households.  And the cats are too old to be moved until the last-minute.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first step was accomplished on September 15.  It was the first time, in almost forty years, Grandpa was surrounded by giggling, laughing and jumping little girls at a Birthday Party.  Dad love it!  He loved sharing stories of train rides and layouts.  He loved the people, bustle and food.  Best of all, he loved the singing.  It brought back memories of a household full of joy and laughter.

We all sang a rousing Happy Birthday for Joey’s twelfth Birthday.  Then, when the last note died, a tiny little voice said:


That was my 2-year-old niece singing for the very first time.  It brought tears of joy in everybody’s eyes.

There is hope!


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