The Lost Art Of Calligraphy

Yes,  hand writing and Calligraphy are dying.

When was the last time you received a hand written letter in the mail.  If it was recent, consider yourself very special.

We live in a very connected society.  And, still, can’t seem to take the time to carefully formulate our thoughts and write them out in long hand.

English: Example of Spencerian script.
English: Example of Spencerian script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brooklyn Museum - Calligraphy - 3

Hand written notes or letters remind me of a long ago time and a much slower pace.  That is why I choose to take the time and carefully pen my notes and letters.  Because I want to connect, on a very personal level, with the person who receives my letter.

I know that I can shoot an e-mail, text or send printed notes.  It will achieve the same goal.  That is why it is hard to sell this craft to a new and more hurried generation.  Until they see the first results of their labors and the awed expressions of their friends and family.  They are hooked.

Then, there is the purely artistic expression of Calligraphy like the sample from the Brooklyn Museum (left side of the page).

Calligraphy played a decisive role when I started to write Icons (not the little squares on your computer screen;  I am talking about the religious painting inspired by scenes and people from the Bible).  It trained my hand in the art of careful details and movements.

Now, I am passing on this dying art to my daughter and her young friends.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Art Of Calligraphy

  1. I remember when we start calligraphy and write down in a special notebook a letter for 100 times and in a special way. Now its like you said everything has to be more faster. But I had to admit that is more easy for me to text or e-mail.

  2. I still send letters and notes. I send them because I love to receive them, and my DH bought me a nice calligraphy set one year for Christmas, along with the stationary set from the Victoria catalog. Just lovely.

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