The Curriculum And Beyond

We are an eclectic homeschooling family.  Because we are using a variety of publishers and approaches to come-up with the best educational fit for our needs.

Charlotte Mason
Charlotte Mason (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The template of our curriculum is inspired by the work of an 19th century British Educator named Charlotte Mason.  The outline of her educational philosophy is published (free of charge and with the dedication of a lot of volunteers) at

On top of that, I add a lot of hands-on activities inspired by the work of Maria Montessori (Italian educator), science experiments, chores and crafts.

I further divide this template in seven general areas of interests:

  1. Religion, morals and ethics;
  2. Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar, speech, spelling, calligraphy);
  3. Mathematics;
  4. Science;
  5. History and Geography;
  6. Fine Arts  and Health (music, painting, foreign languages, nutrition, sports, crafts);
  7. Life Skills (Starting with dressing and brushing teeth to cooking and balancing a checking account).

In the lower classes ( preschool to 4th grade) we follow a Monday, Wednesday and Friday class schedule.  While the rest of the week was dedicated to hands-on activities like nature walks, collecting plant or insect specimen or learning to recognize different trees by their barks and leaves.

At this point (4th to 8th grade), we are following a five-day a week schedule plus extra-curriculum activities during the weekend.

For the past year (6th grade), our work looked like this:

Daily Lessons:

History and Geography

Violin Practice

Weekly Lessons:

Grammar and Composition
Music Appreciation(choir)
Nature Study (plants, medicinal herbs, trees)
A Shakespeare play each term (used Charles Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare and DVD of plays).

We spent the summer getting the house ready to move.  As such, we took our first long vacation.  We are a week away from finishing 6th grade and looking forward to 7th grade and more challenges ahead.  At least for me!

What are your experiences, challenges and triumphs with this grade level?



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