GF Moisturizer For Sensitive Dry Skin

Did you ever think of how many allergens hide in your cosmetic bag?

Me neither.

For the longest time, I had hard time finding any moisturizer that would not sting my face.  I got used to wincing after each application until I read some of the ingredients in the moisturizer I have used for most of my adult life.

I stopped using moisturizer.

Months later, one of my dear friends brought me a bottle of Capri Clear Moisturizing Spray.

Do you know what I did with this gift from my friend?

I set it on my nightstand and looked at it for weeks on end.  Then, I found the courage to try, yet another, new product for my face.  I have very dry and sensitive skin.  The need for moisturizer was so great, I felt my skin stretch with every word and smile!

I have used it religiously for the last 10 days and I love it. No allergic reaction.  Plus, the forgotten feeling of relief and joy.

Finally, I am re-stocking my cosmetic bag with products I can use on a gluten, wheat, dairy and soy-free diet.

Thank you Clear Capri Moisturizing Spray for starting me on the road to a healthy skin.


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