Top Score For Red Robin Restaurant In Allergen Safety

I used to love to try new dishes and out-of-the-way restaurants with exciting new recipes.  Then, dairy became my deadly enemy followed closely by gluten and wheat.  Several years later, I had to give up soy and soy products.

But I refuse to give up having a normal life.  And that includes going out with friends and family.  It takes a good deal of homework to stay safe.

Above all, do NOT eat at any establishment you don’t feel safe!

Today I went to Red Robin Restaurant and had my regular burger (with several slices of tomatoes sans bun) and my beloved french fries.

Red Robin
Red Robin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you look at their extensive allergen-free menu, it mentions that the fries are cooked in soy oil.  However, it is allergen-free soy oil because all protein was extracted.

Moreover, when we brought a large party to Red Robin, my hamburger was mixed-up: it came with a bun and the works.  Without skipping a beat, the waiter left the burger on the table and promptly came back with a fresh burger and french fries on a clean plate.

“I left the other burger here so you could see that I did not take the bun off and re-use the contaminated burger” he said and won my confidence and business in one swell swoop.

Thank you for all the hard-working people from this establishment!


4 thoughts on “Top Score For Red Robin Restaurant In Allergen Safety

    1. That makes all the difference in the world because I can take my daughter (she has multiple allergies, too) to Red Robin without worrying. There are people who care!

    1. Good News about RED ROBIN: they have, most locations, a tablet to help the patrons with their allergies.
      The waiter brings the tablet to you. Then, I entered all my allergies and out popped the menu items I could safely eat including the changes necessary, like no bun…

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