Why Would You Home-school?

The answer to this question is as diverse as the families interested in it!

It covers a wide range.  There are the military and diplomatic personnel stationed in foreign countries who use home-schooling as a means of keeping a little normalcy in their kids’ lives.  Then, there are the families who chose home-schooling to fulfill an intellectual, emotional or religious need.


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)


So, I won’t be able to give you a definite answer.

What I can do is talk about our family’s reasons for home-schooling.

I could talk at length about the difference in curriculum, the problem with reading and math in some public schools, the high cost of private schools, the lack of discipline and the ever-present bullying.  Those were all things I would have talked about BEFORE I started home-schooling.

After eight years of home-schooling, there is one thing that stands out:  I am grateful.

Grateful for being able to share in all her firsts (first word, first step and the first words she read by herself…), her trials and triumphs and all the little “aha” moments of her life.

I am grateful for being “Joey’s Mom”!


6 thoughts on “Why Would You Home-school?

    1. Both my husband and I are private tutors. Right from the start, we decided that we would like to home-school for many different reasons: changes in the curriculum (different reading and math programs), lack of discipline in the classrooms and on and on it went. Above all, we saw a real decline in the moral compass of our education system. In an attempt to make everybody happy, the schools today manage to offend everybody. It is very hard to sail a ship without a compass. My young students are trying to do just that. It is very sad to see!
      We just started 7th grade. I belive that we are planning for the end of high school, so far.
      Every year, the three of us discuss the possibility of switching gears (private or public school ).

      Here is what I tell you for sure: we are home-schooling this year>

      1. Thank you for responding. We are lucky here in Canada, my daughter is in catholic school where they have morality and discipline. Honest I could not do what you are doing .I admire you for your work.

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