A Day In The Life Of A Home-Schooling Family

When friends realize that we home-school, their reactions run along the lines of:

“What is home-schooling?…and what do you do all day long?…aren’t you bored?”

So far so good: I did not get bored, not even once, in eight years of home-schooling!

Here is  a typical schedule (with approximate times):

6:30 Good Morning, Mom!

Goldberry – our sixteen-year old, resident fluffy clock –  purrs loudly to let me know that its time to feed the cats, walk the dog and start the coffee and my day.

7:00 Walk and/or bike to the park with Rocky.

8:00 Breakfast and the news followed by dishes.

9:00 to 12:00 School: violin, math, science, history and geography.

12:00 Short walk along the lake path with Rocky.

12:30 Lunch and a story ( we usually listen to well-loved stories like The Narnia Chronicles, The Lord of the Rings, The Little House on the Prairie Series and The Railway Children)

13:30 Start dinner and the day’s chores.  The house is divided into three areas.  Each area is cleaned in one of the three days a week when we don’t have outside activities.  For example, the top floor is cleaned on Fridays.

Twice a week for one hour and forty-five minutes, there are rehearsals for choir: Anima- Young Singers of Greater Chicago:

Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to violin lessons and art.  While on Saturday mornings, I teach grammar, beginning Latin, composition and calligraphy to a small group of girls.

Then, there are the days when we meet friends at the Zoo, take a Wednesday afternoon and listen to a Concert at the Cultural Center in downtown Chicago, skate at Millennium Park or visit the Swedish Museum, Art Institute, Planetarium…

As you can see, we don’t spend a lot of time at home.  But our little ones certainly enjoy learning under Mom and Dad guiding hands.

That’s what home-schooling is all about: educating your children…wherever it may be!


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