Open Letter To Mothers

When my oldest daughter was born, we received many cards and gifts.  One of those cards I framed because I wanted to remember the feeling of awe and pure joy of that moment.  It goes like this:

“Why God Made Children

It’s said God made children

To bring the world joy,

Through the giggles and laughter

Of each girl and boy…

It’s said God made children

To bring the world sharing,

Pure understanding,

Kindness, and caring…

And especially to show us

His peace from above,

For it’s said, God made children

To bring the world love.”

I needed that reminder after I read this letter:

Dear …… off Mother,

Do you remember this feeling:

English: Mother and child.

Because that is exactly how the Mother of your autistic neighbor feels: blessed for the love, understanding, caring and gift her son had been in her life.


But you already know that: HE made you and your lovely children.  However, you have forgotten something important.

I tell you what: I am going to help you remember it.

Here are the instructions:

Go to the window, peek through the blinds and observe your autistic neighbor and his Mom.

Do you see the care and patience (lots of these) of the Mom.  How about the joy in the boy’s face at the sight of his Mom.

Can you guess what are you witnessing?

If you answered: love, you passed the test!

You can lower the blinds and spend some time to reconsider this: what do you teach your little ones by making physical or mental challenges incompatible with love.

Take some time and re-learn to love your little ones unconditionally just like your neighbor does.


3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Mothers

  1. we had one kid in the neighborhood like that but nobody was so hateful towards her. we tried to talk with her and that’s how they communicate back, with those sounds. lack of knowledge from the one pissed off mother. I would not call her a mother. People are crazy.

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