Loving Water And Adventure

That is my daughter.  She always loved water.  She loved being in it, around it or touching it.

Then, last weekend she went to the Tall Ships Festival in Chicago with Daddy and found out about Sisters Under Sails.  She can’t stop talking about sailing with other girls.

Obviously, I went ahead and did a little homework.

Here is what I found out:

  • It is a non-profit organization with a mission to “build confidence, enhance self-esteem, develop social conscience and teach women of all ages the value of sisters working together towards a common goal through sail training” (from sistersundersail.org);
  • Unicorn (pictured above) is owned by Jay and Dawn Santamaria and provides the ship for the sailing trips;
  • Trips are one or two-week long;
  • The cost for a two-week long adventure is $2320 for each girl;
  • There are a maximum of 6 places for women in each trip;

Well, I have to be very honest about this: I would love to go in one of those trips myself.  However, the cost would be too high for the two of us.

Sail away my little one, into new adventures!

Note to self: how about her hearing loss and allergies?

For more information, this is their website:  http://www.sistersundersail.org/


2 thoughts on “Loving Water And Adventure

  1. I would love to go too!! I think if you’re able to send her, it would be something she would remember for the rest of her life. And you wouldn’t forget it either. For me, I couldn’t go no matter how much I would want to….you guessed it. Sea sickness 😦

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