Independent Publishing

I think, this is the correct name for what I am about to do: help my daughter publish a book about dealing with hearing loss.


Let’s start from the beginning…


This journey started in 2007.  We just been told by an ENT that our daughter needs hearing aids because she has moderately severe hearing loss.  After the initial shock, I tried to help Joey learn more about the reason behind her hearing loss: cochlea malfunction.  There was not even one book on the subject.


With child-like determination and idealism, Joey decided to write a book herself and help the next child scared by the monster of hearing loss.


That is when I come in..


Fast forward five years and endless phone calls, Internet searches and tons of homework and I am not closer to finding a publisher or agent.

We are not alone.

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the Home & Digital section titled “After rejection, they self-published books”.  It notes that “the cost of producing a paperback has gone from thousands of dollars – from editing and jacket design to printing, distribution and warehousing – to free on Inc.’s  CreateSpace and the popular independent e-book distributor Smashwords”.  It also mentions other self-publish companies like Kindle Direct Publishing, Lightning Source and Balboa Press.

Finally, I came across a wonderfully upbeat book about a girl with hearing loss written by Wendy Kupfer.  It was self-published by a small publishing company owned by the author.

Here is for hope!





6 thoughts on “Independent Publishing

  1. How exciting! I think there’s another website called (or something quite similar) that will print books/allow people to order books to be printed one at a time. It’s great for books that are out of print and the copyright has lapsed for. Someone mentioned to me that it can be great for self-publishing too. Good luck!

  2. Best of luck and keep us posted!

    I really enjoy reading what you write. So much so, that I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Head on over to my place and check it out! Happy Friday!

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