My Skin and Gluten

It’s been six years!

It seems like a lifetime since I was able to use anything that touches my skin or tongue before doing a lot of homework.

You might think that I have very picky taste.  Not so.  I have a nasty reaction to wheat/gluten and dairy.  It took me quite a long time to figure out that my red blisters on my hands were not the norm for most people using cosmetics, detergent, toothpaste….you name it.  It has wheat/gluten or dairy in it.

Unfortunately, I have a very dry skin.  It means that some mornings it feels like I am running out of skin after washing my face.  SO…., I went looking for a moisturizer that I might be able to use without the burning and itching resulting from other products.

I just found IT!  It is called Hempz.  I just used it for the last three days without any problems.  No reaction at all…well, yes!  My husband figure out the different fragrance on my skin.  I feel so girly, today.

Get this!  I just talked to one of their customer representative ( Keisha) and been told that all their new product lines are gluten-free and vegan.

If you want to contact the company, you can call 1-800-851-4206 during normal business hours.

I will be washing my hands, again.  So, I can use more of my awesome new discovery.


One thought on “My Skin and Gluten

  1. Ugh! Tell me about it. Overnight, I got a paraben allergy. Literally. Red, itchy, splotchy, fiery skin. I used high end products and thought that would do it. Nope. Then I went to olive oil and castor oil and it got better. But wait! Then my scalp got scaly. I have long curly hair. Can you imagine? Switched to Organix and it all went away. All this when I turned 35. Aging. Blech. Congrats on finding your miracle cure!

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