Cognititve Enhancers and ADHD

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (Health and Wellness):


English: Adderall
English: Adderall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“…a growing body of research finds that in the long run, achievement scores, grade-point averages or the likelihood of repeating a grade generally aren’t different in kids with ADHD who take medication compared with those who don’t.”

Let me get this straight: I am going to have my kid on a medication that, essentially, makes no difference in her life.  However, she can become addicted to it with very little chance of ever getting rid of it.

I just said “addicted” because, as a teacher, I have seen my students dealing with the side effects of ADHD medication.  For example, the girls become more emotional and the boys have a harder time dealing with their school work.

What should a parent do in this situation?

We chose to use an elimination diet coupled with plenty of outdoor activities and very little screen time.

How about the kids who are taking Adderall or other cognitive enhancers?

Should these kids talk to a qualified physician who can help them get off the medication in a safe manner?


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