Give a Child the Gift of Hearing

I have a daughter with moderately to severe hearing loss.  She talks non-stop due to the incredible gift of spoken language intervention.  I would love for all children with hearing loss to experience the same marvelous results with the use of hearing aids.

Left ear cochlear implant as worn by user
Left ear cochlear implant as worn by user (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, some kids do not benefit from the use of hearing aids.  They need a cochlear implant.  It is a life changing and irreversible procedure beyond most families’ means.

There is help!

Songs for Sound was created for that very purpose: to help families with their financial and educational needs required by a cochlear implant.  This company is raising money through a series of benefit concerts given by Nashville’s ELITE singers.

Please spread the word to anybody who might need this kind of help.

Here is the Songs for Sound Concert Schedule:



2 thoughts on “Give a Child the Gift of Hearing

    1. Well, it is not a device that can be attached. It gets implanted inside the skull to by-pass a misfiring cochlea. It is non-reversed surgery. For the first month the patient is totally deaf. After the area around the surgery heals, the device is turned on and the process of building a new “hearing” vocabulary starts with” Hello, this is my voice and this is the sound of the water running….” Very involved!

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