Family and healthy habits

November 19, 2007 was my family’s first day on an allergen-free diet.

My personal journey to healthy habits started when I was in my teens because my Mom had a surgery.  She came home with a long list of foods she could not eat anymore and a very strict medical diet: low-salt and fat combined with high protein and moderate amounts of fruits and veggies plus daily Pilates and/or walks. Out went gravies, roux and frying while salt was used in small amounts combined with lots of herbs.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...
Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Within days, she started cooking two different menus.  However, both my sister and I loved “Mom’s food” and refused to eat our food.  So started a life-long love of healthy food and active days.

Then, Surprise! I developed an intolerance to wheat and dairy within six months from having my first baby.  That was twelve years ago.  It took us six years to find answers.

These days, our meals revolve around fresh veggies, fruits and meat.  A small amount of gluten, dairy and soy free pasta and bread are added to the mix and Ta-Dah:

Healthy mind in a healthy body!


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